Electrical Troubleshooting

A lot of modern irrigation systems have electrical wiring that helps to control the watering time and duration. Let’s face it, standing outside in the hot summer heat to turn off the water is not fun. You can even set up Google Assistant or Alexa to take care of your lawn and landscape watering needs.

State License: IT0003822

TECQ Landscape Irrigation License: LI0019956

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester License: BP0019842

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Sprinklers Timer Installation

Sprinkler timers save you time and money. Why manually water your lawn when you can automate it. JNS Irrigation & Backflow will install a timer with any existing sprinkler system. We will replace and wire all sprinkler valves to water your lawn.

Sprinkler System Wire Repairs

Did something chew the wires that control your irrigation system? Well, you know what they say, “Do not mix water and electricity.” Let us take care of the problem for you. We will replace the wires and test the irrigation system to make sure it is working again. Most importantly we will make sure all the electronics are waterproof.

Wire and Valve Locating

Just moved in and you have no clue if the irrigation system works. At JNS Irrigation & Backflow, we have years of experience with all types of irrigation systems. We will assess your landscape property to locate all wires and valves. We will replace or fix any of the irrigation system parts. At the end of our job you will be satisfied with the results, we guarantee it.

Timer Testing and Troubleshooting

Is the sprinkler timer not working? Is the sprinkler timer screen blank or one of the functions not working? It could be that there is nothing wrong with your sprinkler timer. There might be a problem with the wiring that connects the sprinkler timer to the opening valves. We will troubleshoot to determine what is not functioning and replace any parts.

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